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What types of materials do you work with?

Here at T.A.G. Inc. we  have expertise working with gold, platinum, and silver.  We also offer diamond and precious stone setting. 


Will my production be sent overseas? 

All assembly, finishing and setting work is completed in our northern New Jersey production facilities. 


Are there minimum quantities for production?

In some cases, yes minimum quantities may apply.  However, we recognize that each product is unique and therefore we welcome you to contact us to discuss your needs so that we can develop a production plan. 


Are your production costs competitive?

Yes, our pricing is competitive relative to the US manufacturing market.  Our production is very high quality and our location allows for hands on interaction during development and the production process, which our clients find to be invaluable.


Where is your facility located?

Our production facilities are located in Northern New Jersey, an easy drive from midtown Manhattan, and easily accessible via train from Penn Station.  

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