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T.A.G. Inc.

 Founded in 1991

Private label manufacturers and distributors of fine jewelry since 1991.  We offer full service private label manufacturing of sterling silver, gold and platinum.  


Our services include Design CAD assembly, finishing and polish, as well as precious stone setting, quality assurance and customer service. 


Conveniently located, experienced staff, fully bonded and insured.  



Established in 1991, T.A.G. Inc. has grown into a respected and established jewelry and accessory private label manufacturer.  We have expertise in all types of production, working with gold platinum and sterling silver. T.A.G. Inc. has completed work for well regarded clientele including, Tiffany & Co., Judith Ripka, Movado, and specialty retail stores across North America. 

Our standards of excellence in quality are unsurpassed. 


Location - Teterboro, New Jersey 

Manufacturers of Fine Jewelry

The T.A.G. facility is located in Northern NJ, easily accessible from midtown Manhattan, just ten minutes from the GWB.   

We offer twenty-four hour off site security service, video monitoring of all manufacturing areas, fully bonded and insured.  

T.A.G. Inc.  average staff tenure is 15 years.  


We welcome you to visit our offices, and meet our trained and professional staff.   

Email : Tel: 201-393-0028

T.A.G. Inc.

Private Label Fine Jewelry Manufacturing


Communication is the key in the creation of a product. We believe that our clients vision has to be clearly understood and translated throughout our team for there to be an effective completion of any item. 

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